Friday, 21 August 2009

Quick shot

My new computer arrived on Wednesday. It's like greased lightning compared to my old one - 2 GB of photos transfer in 2 minutes. And we can watch DVDs again easily. We have no television, so the advent of DVDs for computers was wonderful.
We are currently watching The Beiderbecke Trilogy. I saw it a long time ago with my mother, but somehow C has only ever seen the second and third series, and is now laughing his way through the first one. He chuckles his way through the book too, every time he re-reads it. If you like good writing and dry humour, either the DVDs or book are worth looking into. The book, alas, is long out of print. When a friend thought she had lost ours, I was more than a little upset. After discovering that a secondhand copy would cost over sixty euro, she redoubled her efforts to find it, and succeeded. It will never be loaned out again without a written undertaking to return or replace it.
This is just a quick shot of a little lupin that is flowering in a pot by the back gate. It was perfectly backlit when I went out to open the gate this afternoon before C got home. But a lupin in August - I am sure I have often had them in May. After it's flowered, I'll take it out of the pot and plant it in the border - it should come up again next year.

Also a couple of shots of the little robin. I was just looking at the first ones I took of him, he's grown so much. Being ruthless I deleted 200 photos from my July folder.

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  1. Congratulations on your new computer! You're right about that flower being lit so wonderfully. And your little robin is precious. I love your bird pictures, well I love them all, but especially the birds!