Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mission Accomplished

Yesterday morning, before I started the housework I stood in the back porch for half an hour, after hanging up a bag of peanuts. My feeder has a side for nuts, a side for seeds, and fresh water in the centre. It's a great idea because the light doesn't get at the water, so it doesn't go all green and slimy like my last water feeder. But some big bird or other managed to damage the mesh on the nut side, so until I could patch it up a bit, I didn't like to put too many in. Then the birds could just grab whole ones out, and that's not so good for them. So I thought if I hung the net up, the tits might perch on it for longer. And they did.
Great tit and blue tit together.

Then talk about pecking order - do you see that big bully of a great tit chasing the poor little blue tit away.

Great tit back, ruling the roost.

Chastened little blue tit in the tree.

Little blue tit allowed back after the great tit finished.

Even after drastic culling there are still some more pictures from yesterday to share, but I'll save them for later on in the week. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the new computer will arrive tomorrow, and then I won't have stuff spread across my limping PC, my external drive and the laptop. I had to restore all my archived emails to find our travel insurance certificate to print off, as we have a holiday coming up soon.
I am also hoping that my Olympus software will install AND work on the new computer. For pig iron I tried it on this one today to see if it would install after the total format; for the first time in months it did actually reinstall and register all the picture files on my PC, and worked for all of five or ten minutes - and then it crashed, yet again.

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  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing action photos! I love watching birds. A few years back, my husband captured some awesome photos of a mama robin feeding her baby a worm. They were perched on our deck railing, and it was one of the most beautiful things to watch.