Friday, 7 August 2009

Break in transmission

We apologise for the break in transmission, normal service will resume shortly...

My PC woes continue. I was going to upgrade my motherboard anyway - but that meant a new PSU as well, and in order to run better graphics drivers, an OS upgrade too. And since data keeps disappearing from my hard drive, possibly that is flaky too. So in the end it was just as cost effective to order a new PC. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to this one - we built it ourselves, and parts of it are over ten years old. It still has my original dial-up fax modem in it, and my first floppy drive too. But C is hoping he can work on it and make it good enough for a spare for him...

The photo challenge on Splitcoast this week was the letter B.
I wasn't expecting to work today, only got a call at ten last night. And this morning I was taking photos of my lilies because I realised the ones I took yesterday were all set for a high-key I only took my little pocket camera with me in the dash out the door. Even so, B's came bowling in.

Three shots of the Brazen Head, two including barrels.

A Bus advertising the Body Exhibition - bit of serendipity, that, given all the ads it could have been.

One green Bottle, sitting on the wall, one green bottle, sitting on the wall.

Blossoms and Buds - I've been nursing these through several years now. Last year I left them in a pot on the patio, thinking they would scent it nicely. I must have been optimistic to think we'd have the weather to sit out and enjoy them. They were battered by rain in a this year I cut them and brought them in.

Birds having a Buffet Breakfast

Berries - the neighbours had been having a skip delivered early this morning, and the truck must have knocked these rowan berries off the tree and into the road.



And that's not including the barbed wire, buddleia and broken bottle shots!


  1. Brilliant and beautiful B's.

  2. B-utifal!!! LOL! Wow more amazing pics!! I am so envious of your trip!!