Saturday, 15 August 2009

Flurry of sparrows, fleeting sighting of Great Tit

I had my macro lens on to take a detail shot of a shaker card I made for the Cardvaarks Winter Wonderland challenge.
Just in case, I put the zoom back on when I was finished - and was rewarded with the young Great Tit hanging around for longer than he ever has before. Not long enough to do anything other than point and shoot, so I was pleased with how well the pictures came out.

Even the sparrows are getting more timid than they used to be. When I went out at some stage, they all flew off to a tree beyond the end of next door's garden. I like this shot, even though only two or three sparrows are actually perched and in focus. C always complains about the sparrows eating us out of house and home. When I counted over twenty (in the picture after this, when they had all settled), I was just surprised that the feeder stays full for more than five minutes - especially as in this weather I only fill it about a quarter full or less. And surprised that the other birds get a look in - I saw the chaffinch again today. C is sure he saw a little wren hopping around on the grass the other day, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

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