Saturday, 22 August 2009

Botanic Gardens

There was such lovely light last night that we were expecting good weather this morning, and planned to go to the Botanic Gardens if we were right. The weather forecast I had looked at said sunny spells, the one C looked at said heavy rain. I think my forecast is more reliable!
We saw very few squirrels today, but were lucky to see a moorhen and some little chicks out on the lily pads. Just look at the size of the chick's feet in the first picture - they are ginormous. The picture of the mallard is older - I was checking out some older moorchick photos from a couple of years back when I was temping in the Cancer Society and used to walk along the canal at lunch time.

A couple of flower pictures - I'll probably post more tomorrow, as I re-sized several. The first one is a reflection in one of the glasshouses, it was fascinating to look at.

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  1. That chick is lucky. At least he'll grow into those feet. Some of us don't! I love your up-ended duck! And the flowers are beautiful - nice job with the labeling of the crocosmia. It looked familiar but I couldn't remember the name till I saw your label. We may get to visit some gardens this week. I hope to take lots of pics.