Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Flowers - again

...and green tomatoes. I hope we have enough sunshine to ripen them. These aren't even the ones I planted - these are ones that grew from seeds in the compost. Plum tomatoes, evidently. And the Cosmos has finally decided to flower - I hope it lasts till after we get back from holidays. Maybe I just didn't feed things enough.
Been watching To Kill a Mocking Bird today. I started re-reading the book for the umpteenth time, and then it mysteriously ended up on C's side of the bed. I got it back again, but decided to watch the film too - no hardship watching Gregory Peck. I'd forgotten how many of the little details the film leaves out, though.

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  1. Your tomatoes look great - we're having a bit of a tomato blight here in New Jersey. They say it's because we've had too much rain. Love the cosmos - they seem to take care of themselves. Have a great holiday!