Monday, 17 August 2009

A walk in the park

It was mostly lovely weather today - sunny, only a couple of rain showers. Mind you, it was so dark at one stage in the morning that when I was taking bird photos I had to up my ISO to be able to keep on hand-holding the camera. Those photos are for tomorrow - these are from a walk in Phoenix Park this evening that ended up longer than we had planned because it was so lovely. When we saw the heron, there were loud lamentations from C because I didn't have my super-zoom with me. He would have carried it, and never said a word. Probably true, unless he'd carried it and I'd never used it.

It's raining now - and thanks to the walk C never cut the grass. Hope it's dry again tomorrow.


  1. Your pond picture is wonderful - I do love photos with reflections. And the heron - wow, look at that yellow eye! Wonderful pictures.

  2. Your photography is so beautiful, Sabrina! I love looking at your amazing photos!