Wednesday, 1 July 2009


For whatever reason, I don't often post card pictures here. But I was very pleased with this card that I made for C's birthday, which is next weekend.
And on the bird theme, all of a sudden we seem to be having more birds around. Last year and the year before there were a lot of bluetits and great tits, but until last week I have seen very few of either. It's lovely to see them back again. Also this lovely chaffinch has been a regular visitor for the last week or two. And one day last week when I dug a new flower bed, a robin was in seventh heaven scavenging all the worms he could get from the compost I was digging in. I didn't get a picture, as it was just when C was due home from his course, so it was time to start getting dinner ready - not time to spend half an hour waiting for a suitable photo opportunity :D.
So here's a robin card instead of a real robin.

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