Saturday, 11 July 2009

Overdose of robins

C was cutting the grass this morning, and afterwards this little fledgling appeared. We are almost certain it's a robin, from its posture and its fearlessness. I missed him pulling out a worm - at that stage I was back inside making a Swiss Roll for morning coffee, but through the kitchen window I could see him tugging away and tugging, till he flew off with it. I love the way he is standing tall in the third picture.
So of course the card I made today was sticking with the bird theme!


  1. You are one amazing photographer! OMG! This is the cutest darn thing! I love the birdie pictures and I love the card you made! Its just precious

  2. Darling photos, Sabrina! And such a wonderful inspired card!


    aka Stamp Muse

  3. Sabrina, your photography of this sweet bird is spectacular! I'm so glad you led us to your blog so I can add yours to my blog list! See you Tuesday for tea?