Thursday, 23 July 2009

Late last night...

Well, the sparrow (I think) wasn't too late last night. This little fledgling appeared on the wall just as I was trying to get dinner on the table. And I had a short lens on the camera, as C's birthday present had arrived and he was opening it. So a quick change to long lens, and a bit of distraction during dinner. Thing is, I thought at first it was the little baby bluetit I've seen...alas not.

The rose came from C's sister's house. The Australian contingent stayed there most of the time that they were in Dublin. They came for dinner on Saturday, and Maria brought two roses from the garden. It was lovely to have them - we have no roses in the garden here. But she said that just as she was picking them J&G got back from golf and caught her in the act. I've been meaning ever since to take a couple of photos before they wilted too much. I left it too late for the yellow one...

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  1. Fabulous photography, Sabrina! The way you captured the dew on that exquisite rose is breathtaking! Love your sweet bird pics, too!