Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sparrows feeding.

I was out taking a photo of a card I made today when I saw both a chaffinch and a Great Tit hopping around in the tree next door, and the tit was taking peanuts from the feeder. So, I changed up to my zoom lens and sat for the next half hour on the floor of the back porch. No more sightings of either the chaffinch or the tit - just lots of sparrows. But I played around a bit with fast shutter speeds.

Australian relatives coming again on Saturday. Maria (who cooks professionally herself) liked the homemade icecreams last time, but told me afterwards she is a bit lactose intolerant. So after thinking of various options, I am going to make pear sorbet, blackberry sorbet and anise cookies for dessert. Had to remember to tuck the icecream-maker bowl into the freezer this morning!
Here's the card I made today:

So here is the card I made...


  1. AWESOME photography, Sabrina!! I love birds, too, and the pictures you captured are so cool! Your beautiful card was, indeed, an inspiration.

  2. Your photos are amazing! I love your card too!!!!! Beautiful!

  3. Wow amazing for sure. Thanks for your visit to the CCEE. --I have no secret on taking my photo with the acetate, I took it and it worked. Hugs Cindy xxoo