Monday, 20 July 2009

Flying visit

Busy weekend, with my sister calling on Friday night, and C's brother and family from Australia here on Saturday. I was hoping to have time to type out the recipe for the aniseed biscuits I made at the weekend - but not tonight. They went down well on Saturday. I wasn't too sure - aniseed is not to everybody's taste, but I'd forgotten that they figure in Greek cuisine a bit. The ones I brought in for my supervisor in work went down well too - I'll bring her in a few more tomorrow since I have to work (not plan A!).
The SCS photo challenge last week was something to sit on. There are a couple of lovely street sculptures in town which I will try to get a picture of some day, but there was no time to make it in last week. I had thought of, and dismissed, the kitchen chairs and my office chair, and then suddenly in bed the other night I thought of the piano stool. So here is one ancient piano stool and one old and slightly shabby but still very tuneful piano. Along with the chaffinch. Why is it that when I only had a little compact digital, there were bluetits and great tits galore, hanging off the feeder every time I went out. Complete with a young bluetit who flew into the shed when I was doing the wash one day, and I had an awful time making sure he got out again, without panicking him too much. But this year the tits that are around have turned into shy, timid creatures - I got one very dark and dim shot of a little one today, but certainly not worth keeping, let alone posting.
Hope to be back with a couple of recipes later on this week.

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