Thursday, 2 July 2009

What a change in the weather.

It has been so hot and dry for so long, with just the occasional rain in the night. Last night I woke up about four, to find we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. My PC was on upstairs because I was running a defrag, so I thought vaguely about getting up and turning it off - but in the end stayed in bed and hoped for the best, because there was at least 8 seconds between the lightning and the thunder.
It's rained most of today, too, but in one brief break I went out to get some bread and milk, and spotted this by the front door. Surprised to see the gazania even open when there had been no sunshine. Once of the stations along the DART line was closed due to flooding, so it must have been quite bad in places.

We had quite a nice Bombay chicken stew tonight. C doesn't like lentils, as he often tells me. Split peas are alright, lentils are not. But his plate was spotless, so maybe I can make it again. It was pretty much red lentils simmered for three quarters of an hour with some finely chopped onion, green chilli pepper, turmeric and ground cumin. Then I added the chicken cut into chunks, and a bit of salt, and cooked till tender. Near the end I addedd some green runner beans cut into short 1cm pieces. To finish off I added some onions and cumin seeds and the rest of the chilli fried till crisp in a bit of oil, and some vinegar. Should have been lemon juice, but not a lemon in the house. So it was a toss up between tamarind and vinegar to give the tartness.

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