Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quick picks

Still working on my French photos - we're not even out of Brittany yet! But the weekend is never a good time, even such a gloomy, wet one as this was.
A reflection of Frank Sherwin bridge in the Liffey one morning last week. The river was so still and the sky was so blue; the bridge itself is a bit burnt out in the photo, but I took several and I think this one best shows how the reflection almost looked like a road in the water - almost a Yellow Brick Road.

As we were away I don't have wide scope for picking favourite cards for September. The apple and pear ones were fun, a different colouring style to normal, and I enjoyed doing the little pony for one of my nieces - they all go riding every week, so I thought a pony stamp could earn its keep. This one reminds me of the Norman Thelwell books my sister used to collect.

We have a robin around, but I don't think it's Mrs Robin, as it initially flies to the feeder and picks seeds from that, and will only come to the back step after it's sure all is clear. I'm hearing a lot of robin territorial noises, though, so there's another robin around somewhere for sure. This evening when I went out to open the back gate for C there was some lovely birdsong, but it was too dark to see who was singing.

A good book - Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet; there seem to be some very negative reviews on Amazon, but they're in the minority. We both enjoyed it, though initially C had thought he wouldn't bother reading it, and his mother is currently reading it and enjoying it a lot. We were just discussing this evening how hard it is to choose books in the library - a lot of the time I'm very happy with what I pick from the shelf near the desk of recommended books, but there has to be a better way of finding what we like.

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  1. How still the water is. I thought for sure at first glance that it was solid under the bridge. The pony card is so sweet - I really like how you added the buckle. The fruit ones are colored wonderfully and I like the addition of the die cuts as hinges.