Thursday, 29 September 2011

Vannes part 2

C is a sucker for boats and marinas, so I think his first view of Vannes after we'd driven through it and found a (free) car-park and he could relax, already endeared the town to him. A canal leads from the town out to the Gulf of Morbihan.

Vannes is an old town, and there are many timbered houses in the centre.

There's also an old castle and the old city walls and ramparts...

If I recollect the sign on the walls, the covered arcade in front of this building was where people used to do their washing in the river.

...and a small cathedral:

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  1. Sabrina, what a remarkable holiday you must have had. These pictures are wonderful. The colorful flower beds at the castle must have been gorgeous IRL. I am going to try to duplicate that scrollwork on the cathedral door in my zentangle book. But I am intrigued by the cats - or are they gargoyles? - carved into the cathedral walls. I have to admit to not ever having the pleasure of seeing a cathedral in person, not counting St. Patrick's in NYC, and I didn't think they'd have carvings like that. You always show me something I can learn more about. (Did you get to ride the carousel?)