Thursday, 20 October 2011

Botanic Gardens part 2

I've been under the weather with a bad head-cold the last few days. I'm glad it's on its way out, as we're meant to be going to visit my brother and his family on Saturday, but it means I've been in bed in the evenings...
Some more sculptures from the Botanic Gardens exhibition, which finishes up tomorrow.

These lilies were in the herbaceous border. I really liked them, C wasn't so sure.

This tent, wigwam, teepee, whatever (called Pine Shadow) was made entirely out of pine needles gathered in the garden and stitched onto ribbon.

Some clever titling here - it was called Answering the Call of Nature, and the building in the background is the old toilet block. I don't know if it's still open since they built the new centre at the entrance. The telephone box was probably about 5 foot high, as it was easy to see the phone sitting on top of it, although from the distance I took the first shot at I couldn't work out what it was.

This one was on the wall around the Alpine House. I really liked it, but I think I might have preferred it set into the ground and reflecting the sky.

Concrete eggs in a large nest - the nest was easily about 3 feet across or more. Fun!! When C said Dinosaur Eggs I thought he was reading the title of the piece, but actually it was just called Nest.


  1. Beautiful photographs. Who needs to visit Ireland when they can just follow your blog?

    Looking forward to having a good stickybeak through your posts :)

    (DottyTeapot from SCS)

  2. I love those lilies. They certainly look exotic. I agree the reflection from the sky would have been lovely too. The pine needles are interesting though I imagine it must have been a bit of a sticky mess sewing them together.