Sunday, 23 October 2011

More of the Sculptures

His Master's Voice - for an idea of scale, the figure wasn't more than 6 to 8 inches high.

I liked this one  - it was called Green Shoots as far as I remember.

Master and Muse

 These ceramic seed-heads were another one I wouldn't mind having in the garden - I've always loved the shape of poppy heads. I wasn't quite sure about the one with a face in it, though.

It's miserable wet and windy weather here with a severe weather warning in place. It rained all the way down to my brother's yesterday, but luckily it stayed dry for most of the drive home; I hate night drives in the rain, they make me a very bad passenger.


  1. I do love the poppy pods too. The variations are very clever. Green Shoots - who would have thought to use those shovels as shoots.... well, I guess an artist with a great eye. Hope you had a good visit despite the weather.

  2. I love those sculptures, I wish I had got to the botanic gardens to see them, they are super. Hope that you are dry and warm tonight, it's been quite spectacularly wet today.