Friday, 21 October 2011

Back to France

I still have a few more sculpture photos, but I'm in the mood to remember France today.
One of our outings from LaRoche Posay was to the Brennes Regional Park. It's mostly small lakes and woods, with the focus on wildlife. C was a bit disappointed in it but I think he was tired that day. We started out by finding one of the centres that had a hide and a small bookshop. We got lucky in that we happened to visit the hide on the one morning a week when there is a naturalist there to help identify the birds, and with a much more powerful scope than our little one. We saw a couple of egrets and herons, a flash of kingfisher, and a bunch of lapwing/greenshank/redshank. After that we tried to find the interpretative centre, but a couple of roads were closed off with diversions, so we found ourselves in the nearest large town, LeBlanc, for lunch.

LeBlanc is on the Creuse, the same river as our campsite.
A butcher's

A fishmonger's

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  1. Hope this visual trip back to France has you feeling better. What a wonderful time it must have been.