Saturday, 15 October 2011

I am still around...

The time had come to format my hard drive, re-install Windows and restore everything, so that took a whole day, pretty much, but it was spread over two days. I think it's all back to normal now; still some programmes that I won't remember I used to have until I need them, but all the important things are up and running. Towards the end of my last computer it was so flaky that I was having to re-install several times a week but it's probably been three years since I last had to do it. So after I'd installed Windows and was trying to set up broadband again I was looking and looking for my LAN connection, till I realised that of course I had to install a few drivers to get things going. And then Thunderbird didn't like me having three accounts, and although I did a  specific Thunderbird back up and restored what should have been ALL settings, it only restored one account but all the emails. It took a day before I wondered why I wasn't getting any emails...

We even managed to make it to the Botanic Gardens today. The Sculpture in Context exhibition ends on Friday, and having missed it last year I was determined that we'd make it there this year. The forecast was not good - rain - and our car is still hors de combat / in the dry dock, so it had to be good enough weather to go on the motorbike.
And it was!! You couldn't call it sunny, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was dry which is what mattered.
I'll be back with more photos later on in the week, to be going on with here is the one that I voted for as my favourite. It was titled Do Androids Dream of Mechanical Sheep. Isn't it so much fun?

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  1. I was wondering about you but I visited your gallery last night - all those wonderful HYCCT challenge cards - and was putting bits and pieces together and here you are today! That sculpture is fun. Glad you didn't miss it.