Thursday, 27 October 2011

Last of the Sculptures...

This one was called The Bigger Picture. From a distance it didn't look all that interesting; we'd passed it in the distance, and it just looked like a tall chicken-wire cone with bits and pieces all over it. I'm so glad that we ended up passing much closer because we went into the Palm House through the orchid rooms and ended up coming out the front entrance. If C's feet weren't starting to give out I could have spent a lot longer admiring all the little details.

Flying frogs - I think it's funny that they were for sale individually,  they look just right like this.

And this fun one was in the botanical family beds, and was title Family Bed Labelling. It reminds me of drawings from when we did plant biology in school.

Next post should be back to France - one outing left in the LaRoche Posay area.
Election today today - I don't know which particular vote caused such a turnout, but I've certainly never seen it so busy, and the officials at the desk where we picked up our ballots said the same. For us we had a bye-election as well as the presidential election and the referenda.

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  1. Oh, that is so much more interesting up close and personal. I can't imagine having all those great ideas for pieces. How long did it take I wonder. Those frogs sure do look good like that, I agree.