Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunny Saturday...

In fact it wasn't quite as sunny as the previous couple of days, but still beautiful. I woke early and decided to get up and make some chocolate eclairs for morning coffee and our desserts for the weekend, and then after breakfast we went to the Botanic Gardens. Just as well we left a bit later than normal thanks to the baking - they now don't open till 10 a.m. at the weekend. I tried using a chocolate glaze instead of just melted chocolate - I liked how they came out, but C has requested melted chocolate next time.

Plenty of birds - we saw countless blackbirds, several chaffinches, a moorhen foraging in the grass and even some long-tailed tits, although all I managed to grab was a silhouette photo - they flit around.

I thought I had a saved image of an embroidery of long-tailed tits I did about ten years back  (make that more like twelve or fifteen, on mature reflection!), but I can't find it. I'll have to take a fresh photo tomorrow.

C took the lining out of his coat, and then felt he'd been deceived and deluded  by the sunshine, so we went into the greenhouses for him to warm up a bit. The sprinkler system came on while we were in the Palm House - it almost felt like rain dripping from the leaves. But in fact it can't have been too hot in there, as my lens didn't steam up the way it often does. Two of these photo's are actually C's - the bamboo one, and the one with me in the foreground.


  1. I have to say that eclairs are my favorite. When I'm going to treat myself, that's what I choose. I like the glaze myself and a good custard filling. When we were little my father used to bring them home as a special treat. Yum - yours look delicious!

    I always love seeing your bird photos. You capture those feathered beauties so wonderfully. The pictures in the Palm House are stunning with the diffused sun rays. The look on your face is one of wonderment - super pic!

  2. Love those photos in the Palm House, really really cool.