Monday, 25 April 2011

Lunch - no diving required

The current photo challenge on SCS is Then and Now. This series of photos doesn't exactly qualify because I took them all this morning rather than pulling one from the archives, but they cover the idea of lapsed time. I wasn't sure what sort of bread would be available in the local shops this morning, so I dragged myself (reluctantly) out of bed in time to make fresh bread for lunch. Even getting up at ten, and using fresh yeast and therefore two risings, we had lovely fresh bread and butter for lunch - and afternoon tea too. I just made a very basic bread dough with one egg added for extra richness. Still working on using up that unbleached flour that I don't think I'll be buying again; I ran out of strong flour this morning and added some of the unbleached in to make the balance. It certainly made the bread a lovely golden colour.

1 comment :

  1. That looks as if it has the perfect crust. Fresh bread and butter would certainly be a treat that wouldn't last long.