Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Mixed Bag

I found a couple of flags - one outside the National Museum (Collins Barracks) and one on a hotel further upriver - the Aisling, maybe...

Little and large gulls with the usual junk in the foreground

I only noticed this recently, and yet I must have walked up towards it at least a dozen times this year, even though it's not on my normal route. I think it's the Law Society... it's the piebald effect on the dome that really caught my eye. I must walk a bit further than my regular bus stop and check that out for sure, but I can't think what else would be in that line of view.


  1. Fab photos, Sabrina! I especially like the gulls and the reflection in the last one.

  2. The second flag almost looks like a sail. And the dome looks like an unfinished job, though there might be some reason for the piebald effect. For scavengers, the gulls always look so clean and trim to me.