Sunday, 10 April 2011

Botanic Gardens - Colour

When I see forget-me-nots they always remind me of when I worked in a company that imported and distributed fine-art supplies. Myosotis Blue was one of the colours in the gouache range.

There weren't a lot of rhododendrons out in the greenhouse - this was one of them. Just behind it was the jasmine-scented rhododendron - heavenly!!

The current photo challenge on SCS is Show Your Colours, as in flags. Well, I did find a flag during the week, but it was such a still day that it wasn't worth taking a photo of. The stripes in this selection of tulips made me think of a flag, though.

Crown Imperials always remind me of the Little Grey Rabbit books I loved so much - in Little Grey Rabbit's May Day Hare steals some Crown Imperials from a garden in the village for the animals May Day procession.

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  1. The colors are breathtakingly beautiful. I am especially fond of the forget-me-nots. The linear planting of the tulips does resemble a flag. Great eye.