Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Three or four years ago I only remember one or two of these hybrid mallards. This year we seem to be falling over them in the park!

Regular hen mallard enjoying the sun

I walked down along the canal yesterday and back up via the butcher. My aim was to take a photo of the houseboats at the marina for a Then & Now photo challenge on SCS - but it started raining just as I got to the marina. I could smell barbecue smoke coming from so many houses - I'm sure people must have disappointed that the really fine weather had broken. As I walked back up home I saw this thrush being stalked by a magpie. At this stage it had flown over the railway station wall and landed on the green, but it was still keeping a wary eye out.

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  1. Hybrid mallards - pretty cool. I love the speckled vest of the the thrush. We've had a pretty rainy week with some sun finally this afternoon. We may get through a dry day tomorrow. Happy Easter!