Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Birdie Day

It was a birdie day all round today. I had some wonderful bird themed birthday gifts, and then we went to the park so I could try out my new point-and-shoot. C upgraded my old one - it was cheaper than buying a tele-converter for my DSLR. OK, so it's a point-and-shoot and that's not going to be the same quality, but it gives me a bit more zoom without losing two stops and needing a tripod - and when I become a bit more proficient, it takes AMAZING videos.
We've been lamenting the fact that this year's robins aren't as tame as last year's, but at least we still have them and they're still relatively fearless compared to the other birds. I even caught a fleeting glimpse of one feeding another yesterday - I heard a familiar insistent chirping and rushed to look.
This was today's robin visit.

After watching the coal tit today, C thinks he was maligning the sparrows in saying they are eating us out of house and home. The little coal tit paid a lot of visits. He picks the sunflower seed from the feeder, and then flies off to somewhere less exposed to open it - sometimes he just flies back to the nest.

Hopefully a very brief video clip of the little coalie. A whole new set of software to learn - luckily I know my sister is great on video editing and I can ask her for help and advice.

We got to see some tufted ducks today - here's a hen and a male.

We didn't see one single deer - just  a couple of squirrels and  rabbits.

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful bird-day! Your photos AND video are awesome. Small learning curve you've seemed to have no problem with. The duck photos - the water is like it's from a painting. Beautifully captured.