Monday, 4 April 2011

More glass and wood...

We had some good sunshine today, and I managed to take the photo I had envisaged when my aunt gave me the little Coddington lens.

The wooden monk also came from my grandmother. I'm pretty sure that once upon a time something must have been inlaid in the cross in the Bible on the lectern, but not ever while it was in my posesssion. I also always felt that the wooden base was a much less attractive wood than the rest of it, although it does have a lovely grain.

These little glass animals are tiny - they came from a Russian stall at a Christmas fair in Paris a few years ago. They're not even as big as the top joint of my little finger.


  1. I love ALL those things, they are beautiful. I have a collection of Venetian glass animals, the Russian ones seem to have more solid colour in them, if that makes sense :)

  2. I almost always learn something when I come to visit here. I think your Coddington lens is fascinating. I can envision, or maybe I've even seen it in a movie and didn't realize what it was, gardeners using them to debug their precious flowers. The little glass animals are so cute. What a lovely remembrance from your trip. And your monk - another wonderful memory you've shared.