Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bird Watch

I went out to do something in the garden and this little ball of fluff rocketed up from under the garden bench, where he must have been picking around in all the bits and pieces. I am not sure which of us got the bigger fright. It's just a little sparrow fledgling, but he was so puffed out and fluffy that he looked bigger than the adults.

And look, look - a juvenile robin. You can still see that his red breast hasn't developed totally, it still looks sort of "scaly" under his chin. Now to woo him with mealworms!

Got to look smart for this lady with the camera

I still feel a little bit scruffy

All groomed and looking good
 And help - it's not just the mahonia showing red, we saw quite a few leaves turning already when we were coming through the park today.


  1. I saw some leaves turning this morning when I was out for a walk too - woohoo! I love autumn!

  2. Ahhh, they do look so cute all puffed up.

  3. Well I'm not looking far too early for falling leaves, love your birdie pics they are so cute, Janet T

    Blog hop finished woo hoo

  4. Great action shots of this little cutie, Sabrina! We are seeing turning leaves already, too; it's going to be an early fall for us.