Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bits and Pieces

Lots of activity on the bird front. We have a robin coming, but I don't think it's one of the pair from earlier in the year, and I don't think it's a juvenile either unless it was a very early hatching that has already developed the red breast. I will be working on getting it more used to people. The little baby coal tit, on the other hand, is very unafraid of people, and I often hear his little whistle and see him on the feeder when I am hanging washing out on the line. I also saw a young thrush today...
Two photos of the birds; the little blue tit and coal tit were happy to share and share alike on the feeder, but when the bigger great tit flies in, he takes over and anything else has to wait patiently.

C has been interested for quite some time in origamic architecture, and has made several creations over the last few years. In fact, he's even started work on designing his own template for the Customs House, but that's an ongoing job. Anyway, he was making this one of St. Peter's Basilica for a colleague in work, and he started talking about needing a magnifying lamp. So on Monday I went off looking, and although I spent more than I intended, I bought a light that looks stylish enough to use all the time, and for work purposes you can slot in a magnifying glass and a clamp. I reckoned that if I got one of the ones that you have to clamp to the table it was less likely to get used, because of having to be taken down and put away each time. I can see using this one for embroidery myself, too, so he has to share it with me. This is his finished result, delivered this morning.


  1. The Basilica is amazing, my brain can't work out how the front bit is done!

    DD wants to know how to attract birds, we got some seeds in a stick and put it out in the garden but I don't think the birds noticed :-)

  2. I love the happy sound that birds make - or rather how happy the sounds make me feel. The familiarity of a whistle or a tweet can turn my day around.

    I am very impressed with the origamic piece. Your husband must have a lot of patience and it's apparent he is talented. Lucky you! To be able to share your creative interests. Sounds like that lamp is a very good purchase. My husband bought me one of the clamp on ones for Christmas years and years ago and sadly, I think I used it once or twice and put it back in the box. Too bulky and inconvenient. I give him points for trying though.

  3. Wow! Your husband's origamic architecture is amazing!!!! Beautiful bird photos, too, Sabrina. My hubby took some fabulous sky photos the other day that I should put on my blog. The clouds were so fluffy and dimensional with the sun's rays shining through various parts of them. It was quite spectacular!