Thursday, 26 August 2010

Liffey Swans

Recently I've been seeing a lot more than just the usual pair of swans on the Liffey - anything up to half a dozen. And I don't think that they are cygnets, I don't think they'd be in their adult plumage yet.
I had time after work to stop and take a few photos of these ones gently drifting downstream as they groomed themselves. It amazes me the difference high tide makes - how much nearer it brings them.

I am getting so fed up with Vodafone's broadband service - we're experiencing outages more and more often. This week I decided to start logging them, as I really don't know if we want to persevere till our contract was up. C was pretty fed up this evening when he was trying to listen to something on the radio and all of a sudden it went off air. Maybe if it happens a couple more times he'll be motivated to complain. I noticed that when I emailed about another issue and also asked about opting out because of the bad service, they dealt with the primary issue and studiously ignored the bad service question. Hmmm


  1. Swans really do have a regal look to them, even when they're grooming it seems. We had a pair out back of the condo this morning but I was too lazy to get my camera. I have to replace my card and bought something yesterday that won't format so we have to make another trip to return that - bah! Sounds like technology has us both in a mood.

  2. Oh Sabrina...These are absolutely awesome...just gorgeous....