Friday, 20 August 2010

Sculptures in the Arboretum

I totally forgot about these till I was weeding some dud photos out of my August folder. These were in the Botanic Gardens - only last weekend! There were a few more, but these were my favourites. From a distance the deer looked like wood to me, but C said it was steel, I think. Being under the trees on a sunny day made for somewhat contrasty light, this is the best I could do...It was such a lovely surprise to come across them.


  1. What a wonderful assortment of sculptures. The first one reminds me of fern fronds - did I get it? And I love the detail on that box. Something that would definitely be missed if you didn't take the time to go right up to it. The butterflies are splendid and I would take that deer in my yard any day as long as it didn't eat my plants!

  2. Great photos, the butterflies look like they're really flying and the deer is fabulous too.