Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Caught a Fish

Fabulous sunshine, crisp cold mornings...
Hard to believe these are taken within a few minutes of each other - moving angles changed the water from blue to brown.

What was interesting was that it's very obviously a flatfish of some sort that the heron caught, while all the fish I could see were the mullet, which were out in full force again today.  Obviously the Liffey supports a lot more life than I ever thought! I lost the stone from my engagement ring somewhere this morning. I don't even know where, but in the forlorn hope that it might have been when I pulled my camera out this morning, I walked back along the same side of the river. But the only glint of red I saw was a scrap of plastic from a car light.
Off now to pack my camera bag in the hope that tomorrow will be a nice day and I will feel a bit less under the weather, as C has to go to Birr again on business, and I'd like to go back again.


  1. I thought for a minute the heron had a crab, but I didn't see any claws. But in the last picture it comes clear as a fish. Did he swallow it whole? I'm sorry you're not feeling well and losing the stone in your ring is so sad. I hope you may come across it. Feel better!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, sorry you are not feeling well, and losing a stone is always so sad. Things will get better Sabrina...wait and see! Hugs, Judi

  3. Magnificent action photos of the heron catching his fish! I like how you pointed out the color differentiation of the water when you moved to a different angle to take your picture.
    I'm sorry, too, that you are not feeling well, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find your stone.