Thursday, 3 March 2016

Switzerland part 3

More photos from Auvernier...

Take something, leave something

This goes with the photo of the house underneath: Unique in the Neuch√Ętel vineyards, the "Square House" stands out because of it's silhouette. It was built in 1805 by Henri and Frederic Brandt... The roof reminds me of a Chinese building near Parc Monceau in Paris... I'll add a photo at the end of this post, since I haven't previously uploaded one.

And the Pagoda Paris:  we regularly go to the Monceau area, so I was surprised that we had never seen it before out last trip to Paris.

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  1. I love that premise - take some, leave some. Finding a building that stands out with a unique feature is like finding a little treasure I think. Last weekend, as we passed through a town we normally do on our trip to the shore we went through a school campus and I realized that one of the buildings was shaped like an octagon. And it's not a new building either. I'll say it again, you have a great eye for finding such interesting details.