Thursday, 31 March 2016

Summer Sampler

I  meant to edit a few photos from yesterday - but it didn't happen.
Instead, here's my Easter weekend output. I felt a bit bleah and C said that making something would help. I bought the frame at Christmas after making a winter-themed one as a gift.
This one was not intended to be so seaside-oriented. I had a butterfly and another flower on my desk to use. But after creating 9 panels and reviewing them with C, he wasn't sure about the bunny, and I wasn't sure about the flip-flops so we kept both those and just ditched the one we were unanimous about - Tree for All Seasons.  Playing around with layouts, it seemed that putting the only unembellished, totally flat square in the centre would work best, and that led to adding in another seaside one (the pelican) to have a  beach row above and a beach row below.
If I can replicate or even come near a similar green Brusho background, I'd like to make a card with red flowers against that vivid green.


  1. Great job! I love the yellow frame. Is that little sailor duck a stamp? So cute!

  2. This is wonderful! Making something does always seem to help!