Friday, 4 March 2016

On the way to work...

I took most of these photos on Tuesday morning - it was a clear bright morning, and I needed to lodge a cheque and buy some stamps, so I got the bus in to town and walked back out.
The colours in the Burton Building were looking extra-vibrant in the sunshine.

And another of the City of Physics utility boxes - this one is on the corner at Christchurch.

There's a very small stretch of old thick wall just at Cornmarket. It's not on the side of the road that I normally walk on, but a couple of times I have crossed the road to look at it and see if there was any information about it. There never was, but the new Tourist Trail signs (I used one for me "new" in Clare's photo prompts) now give more information.

You can see the reflection of St. Audeon's Church in the top photo. It's where my sister was married - she lived nearby, and walked to the church and then to the reception in the old Tailor's Hall (guild hall) just across the road.

Friday morning was my day off, and when I went to shut the gate after C had left, I was greeted by this sight ~

I'm glad that it didn't lie. By the time I left to take bottles for recycling and pick up something from the library, I did have to scrape the car but the roads were clear. I liked the way our  sitting-room light reflected in the window, almost like a sun.


  1. Love your photos . . . walking and taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do.

  2. I love those blue roof tiles and the engravings/etchings on the stones. You are so lucky to have all that history so close at hand. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your walks.