Sunday, 13 March 2016

Greystones (2)

The first shot was actually taken on the way to the station here - it had rained overnight.

This sculpture is new since the last time I walked along the seafront; he has a bucket and spade, but I'm not sure what exactly he's meant to be - he has a rather Antipodean look and made me think of wallabies, for some reason.

In the inlet below Carrig Eden, the waves were washing in and out and sparkling like crystal - which I couldn't really capture, though I did my best. It was so windy that it was hard to hold the camera steady, even balanced on the railings.

Weatherworn - the perspex or whatever was protecting this poster looks like cracked earth in a drought.

This was one of three windows in a cottage near the railway bridge. It's funny, I don't remember those porthole windows at all, and I used to know somebody who lived just two doors up.

Several of the old beech trees along Church Road had been felled. With a couple more trunks left unusually high, I wondered if they were going to be carved like this one...

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  1. I firmly believe that people miss so much when they only look straight ahead. I'm always so glad that you don't because you find such wonders. That first photo is breathtaking to me. I see the sparkle but I bet it was more glittery IRL. What a great inside feature to that porthole window too! And I love when they make something of stumps. I almost wish that we had left the stump of the tree we just took down, if for no other reason that to use it as a feeding station. But it would have made a good toadstool too.