Saturday, 12 March 2016

Greystones (1)

I was visiting my aunt on Wednesday, and had already planned to get the train rather than drive.
Since it was a beautiful sunny day, I got an earlier train to give myself some time to walk along the seafront a little. The beach itself has changed so much from when I was a child - there never used to be any grasses growing on it at all.
First photo is looking down the coast towards Kilcoole, the second photo looks north towards Howth Head.

The next two are a mural encouraging dog owners to be responsible, and a view looking towards the train station, you can see the footbridge over the railway track.

There used to be a mens bathing place which was full of water even at low tide - now it's just sand. I have, somewhere, a photo taken about four years ago where more of the mural was visible - back then, you could see the fisherman down to his waist, so it's still filling up with sand.

(Thank you, Lorraine! I thought I had uploaded it - here's the link to a Nov 2011 photo of the mural.

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  1. I wondered, does it get it's name from the large grey rocks or the tumbled flat stones. I would probably fill my pockets with those. Thought I remembered that mural so I checked your sidebar and there it is. Wow, it has really filled in a lot. Looks like you had a lovely stroll.