Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Miscecllany

With apologies to Wilbur in Charlotte's Web - "I can walk, I can walk, I can actually, factually walk...".
Of course these macarons can neither talk nor walk - but it was my second attempt (C has decided that they are something I "need" to learn how to make - I'm not quite sure why), and while the first ones were pretty stodgy and heavy, these ones did develop the requisite "feet". The rather lurid colour of the filling is entirely natural - sieved raspberries. I used an unexpected day off on Tuesday to make them.

Sometimes, on the way home from work, I walk past a small independent off-licence. If I've just missed my bus, I'd usually rather walk a few stops in either direction, rather than just stand waiting. Wednesday was a case in point - and I liked the sign on the back of this van making a delivery.

And today I took advantage of another unexpected day off to go back to the optician and downgrade my glasses to non-reactive lenses - and get tinted lenses for driving in my last frames. While waiting for them, I met and friend and we went for a walk with her dog in the nearby park. Round us the swans mostly nest on the canal banks - this nest reminded me of the ones I have seen moorhens build.


  1. I don't watch much TV but I do like the cooking shows and two that I have followed, "The Great British Baking Show", and "The Junior Baking Championship" both featured challenges with macarons this last season. When the 10-yr-olds where making them from memory, I thought I ought to give it a try. Maybe next week when I have a few days off. Yours look good. I'd love to see the swans nesting. Can't get close enough though.

  2. Those macarons look wonderful. Love the Lagunita's truck . . . (my husband's favorite brewery). Love those swans nesting!