Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year, old photos

Wishing everybody a happy, healthy and peaceful year for 2012.
One of my holiday projects has been scanning some old slides for my dad and transferring them to CD. It's amazing how many things are familiar - there are blankets and counterpanes I remember, and there's even a skirt my mother is wearing in one of them that I remember wearing myself at one stage! Those old tweeds certainly lasted and lasted...

We've had a lovely restful week. A large pot of ratatouille provided several meals, and the leftover beef from Christmas Day was enough to make a bobotie and a shepherd's pie to eat plus one of each for the freezer. But the weather has been awful - wet, grey, cold, windy...C has gone to (hopefully) help his friend fix the last major issue on the car, but it started raining a while back and I hope they're not getting too wet!
I'm amazed at how new and fresh the wood looks in the photo with the trailer! I remember it well as we used to love riding in it to the dump to see what we could find to bring home with us, and on summer holidays the crates with the dogs were always packed onto it as well as all our bits and pieces. But I never remember it looking as fresh and pristine as it does in that photo - I guess it was very soon after Dad had made it!


  1. Happy New Year!
    Is that you inthetoycar?

  2. And a very Happy New Year to you also! What a great project to work on, especially during the holidays, a time full of nostalgia to begin with. Don't you just love the memories that old photos bring back? Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Happy New Year, I love those photos!

  4. Happy, happy New Year, Sabrina to you and Ciaran. I loved walking down memory lane with you through your pictures. Stay warm.

    Love to you,