Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy Bird Day

Well, today was the first day that the weather was good enough to tempt us out for a walk in the park.
It also seemed to bring a veritable menagerie, as C said, to our feeders. And we definitely have a pair of robins now. As well as the dimwit one who flies away when I put worms and suet pellets on the wall for it, we have one flying to the back door. So I wonder is  the tamer one perhaps one of the young ones or even the adult female from last year, which Mr. Dimwit is now letting into his territory as a prospective mate.

We've been having a pair of blackbirds moseying around the patio recently - here they both are in next-door's mahonia tree.


A sparrow in the mahonia



 Great tit

Coal Tit

Blue tit

And of course a robin. We were hard pressed to find a good picture from last January to print a calendar page for our notice-board (in fact we cheated and took one from last February instead), so I've decided to leave my robin as the blog header for this month.

Sunny it may have been, but it was also very windy which wasn't ideal for taking pictures of birds perching in the tree.

And here's a photo of the Moravian Sugar Cake which we had for breakfast on Christmas Day:

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  1. Sabrina, I am always in awe of your photos, but these are absolutely gorgeous. The birds are so colorful and you have the perfect tree next door with wonderful coloring also. I want one of those trees! You must have been filled with joy photographing them today. Thanks for sharing the beauty.