Thursday, 8 December 2011

Round and about

This morning I saw a blackbird on the ground picking at a fallen rowan berry. I wished I'd had time to stop and take the camera out - even in the miserable grey windy weather the contrast between the berry and the bright yellow beak was wonderful. But the train service here isn't frequent enough that I could afford to miss the train...
However, I did snap these last week - on another wet, though not so wild, day. The rose is in a garden just up the road. I'd seen the fungi a week previously when they were fresher, and they looked like lovely glossy wood, almost. But it was a day when I'd decided that a camera on top of six library books was just more than I wanted to carry, and by the time I passed that way again they had faded a little from their original beauty.

This is another one I saw on the way to the bus stop one morning  - it almost looked as if it were melting into the ground. I don't remember seeing such a wide variety of fungi in the local area as I have this year.

Did I say that last time we went to the park we saw more deer gathered together in one spot than I think I've ever seen there before?

And they weren't all at a distance either - a small part of the herd was quite close to us.


  1. beautiful, Sabrina. I love that you take the time to smell the roses! Hitting the pause button to just b in our Lord's creation is the best medicine!

  2. A rose in winter - how tender the bloom. I picked some from the garden last December I think, and they did not last the day inside. The change in temperature is too much for them. But how beautiful it looks with the dewy droplets. So many deer - and they look almost domesticated letting people get so close. I hope they are not as much a problem as they are here. They eat almost everything in the landscape and have destroyed the understory in the local woods.