Friday, 23 December 2011

Alternative transport for Santa!

C had a half day today, so I walked into town after work and we met for lunch in a little Indian deli which came recommended by a work colleague who is half-Indian and knows what he's talking about. Certainly the food was lovely, and there are more things we'd like to go back and try some time. I will say, though, that C's "Indian Fanta" as opposed to Irish Fanta was a rather lurid orange, although he reckoned it tasted much better.

 Anyway, on the way to meet him I stopped to watch a cormorant flying up the river, and then spotted Santa and an elf in what looks quite like a currach. It's obvious that they're not used to rowing, though,  and they certainly weren't going at any pace. We're used to seeing far more expert rowers racing along further up-river where all the rowing clubs are.


  1. I think Santa should stick to his sleigh! Have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and I hope you get lots of birdy visitors :)

  2. I think I would have smiled ear-to-ear seeing this! How fun. And once again I've learned something from you - a new kind of transportation. Hoping you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.