Monday, 5 December 2011

France - finis

Just a few of the birds from the bird park. I can't actually remember what this first one was called - and I thought I'd taken photos of most of the signs for reference. The flash of green was just beautiful. I feel it was perhaps some type of teal.

 I did see a Night Heron perched in the hedgerow when we were having our boat trip. This one, however, was in the bird park - in the same enclosure as the storks.

We've always just driven past Morlaix on the main road, but as we were early for the ferry we decided to leave the main road at Morlaix and drive up the coast to the tip of the peninsula, and then cut across to Roscoff. We stopped along the quay in Morlaix for a walk. It was a very picturesque town - we'd definitely make a detour and spend more time there again. We missed France's tallest lighthouse, somehow.

We drove on up to Carantec, a tiny village on the north coast, and had another short walk along the cliffs.

Lighthouses reminds me that I never posted this photo from La Rochelle - it was strange to see a lighthouse that far inland. Perhaps it was to guide boats towards the lock gate into the basin, I don't know...

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  1. What a beautiful shade of green. I have to think it was quite a treat to see that. Your bird photos always make me smile. You get such great details and they seem to pose for you. That island is breathtaking. What a sight. You are probably right about the inland lighthouse. The ones that we visit inland help the boats to find the deep channels in the Delaware River. The navigator (not sure if that is the correct terminology) lines the ship up with the light in a certain way so that the bigger ships keep from straying into shallow water.

    PS - I meant to tell you I love the new header and I hope that it's an old picture and you haven't been blessed with snow yet.