Monday, 19 December 2011

New garden visitor

I was so excited this afternoon to spot a new bird on the nyger seed feeder. I've been clearing a lot of chaff of it, and was hoping that meant that goldfinches were coming regularly even if I hadn't got to see them. Then I spotted some chaffinches also enjoying it. But this afternoon I saw a redpoll - a first for me. Not great photos, because it was a very grey and overcast day and I had to take the photos through the window in case I frightened him away. But now I know I may see him again, I'll be ready with the right lens on the camera and the tripod handy to the back door.

I actually managed to accidentally delete the best photo - I thought I had it locked, but instead it disappeared into thin air. Last time I downloaded data recovery software it came complete with something that my AV flagged up, so I was slightly reluctant to try again. But I can happily endorse this programme:  Pandora Recovery.  I'm glad it occurred to me to go and look on CNET rather than a random Google search, as they normally scan the downloads they offer to ensure they're virus-free.

I got my little redpoll back. According to my book they're about the same size as goldfinches, but he looked smaller to me. Pretty sure it's a male, as the females have a less prominent red patch compared to the male.


  1. lovely pics! hope your new visitor comes back - I remember seeing those when we lived in Lincolnshire, a great place for unusual birds - hopefully you will get some more photos :)

  2. What a charming fellow, Sabrina! Our beauty beauty was covered with fat robins this morning...they gorge themselves and then can't get to the outer branches. Of course that leaves food for the chickadees. I'll try to get some new pics tomorrow. I'll stop by again.