Friday, 5 November 2010

Beach Bums

After a very wet and windy week which has brought almost all the leaves down, it was good to look back at some holiday photos this evening. Mind you, the day all these were taken we were far from being beach bums. It was the longest walk we did, several kilometres each way along the beach, and when it did get a little cloudy it was a welcome break from the intense sunshine. Even though we started quite early in the morning, soon after it got bright, it was still getting close to the midday heat when we were returning. Part of this was not intentional. We'd had to cross two rivers, one of which had a bridge, one didn't. C doesn't like walking barefoot on the beach, so to cross the one with no bridge he has to take off his sandals, get across, then dry his feet and put his sandals back on. Well, that's the way he does it...We stopped and turned back when we got to a third river. So, on the way back he decided, rather optimistically, that he could take a running jump over the one with no bridge, and save having to take his sandals off. He still maintains that he could easily have jumped that distance if he'd been taking off from firm ground, but my point is that he knew he was taking off from soft sand. And of course he landed in the middle of the river, and wanted to give his sandals time to dry off a bit by towelling them. At first I just stood in the shade, but even there the flies were biting me, so I decided to go for a swim, and then C decided that he'd get in too and then his sandals could have even longer to get dry. It was a lovely swim, and totally isolated except for one fisherman, but it certainly prolonged the walk.
On the outward bound leg we'd seen so many things washed up along the shoreline... a lot of these tiny little fishes. By the return journey the wasps were feasting on them.

A dead dragonfly...

Some little sea snails - at least these were still alive...

We're pretty sure this was alive too - it moved, and it seemed to have antennae, but more than anything else it reminded me of those little Lithops plants that look like stones.I think the green things were wing cases.

Traces of birds...(we saw the birds too)

And these last photos should really have been first, chronologically speaking.

At last I am starting to feel a bit better, but not quite up to investigating why Blogger is being so uncooperative about uploading photos this week. It seems to have partially cropped the photos, but if you click on them you can get the full picture. I think I'll take the laptop to bed with me now and do some research.


  1. Beautiful pics, Sabrina, and lovely reading the stories behind them too.


    P.S. There's something you might recognise on my blog!!

  2. love your photography, Sabrina. You see the world through the lens of our Creator.

  3. I love your Pic's Sabrina...You make me it feel just like were there....Thank You for doing all this...

  4. You always find such interesting details. Sounds like the chain of events played out to a wonderful memory.