Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Barring the Way

The photo challenge for this week on SCS is Barring the Way. I wanted to take a photo of the level crossing, but the weather has been so wet, and I've been trying to throw this cold and cough for good before winter sets in. I tried a still life with some Duplo, but that didn't turn out either.
These two photos were taken along a short-cut to the local shopping centre where I usually go on Saturdays for the paper, milk and fresh meat and vegetables.
Talk about needing to catch up - time to make a new folder for November photos and I'm still trying to organise my September folder.
Plus I'm trying to get a little baby Aran knitted by Sunday, before the baby gets too big to wear it...


  1. I love seeing your world through the lens of your camera, Sabrina!
    The bars are quite interesting...and too funny about the baby getting to big for the sweater...don't you just love to knit baby things...such an accomplishment.

  2. It looks like a tapestry of some sort behind the bars in the lower picture. I love the colors. And the shadows in the top one are a real plus.