Saturday, 20 November 2010


It was lovely to discover that this year Farmleigh is staying open all year round. Monday was a beautiful sunny morning, and after I'd done the housework I decided that a walk would be nice, even though I still wasn't feeling well. And it was lovely there, apart from seeing a poor dead squirrel on the ground. I also found a little dead sparrow on the bench on the patio when I was hanging the wash out later on in the week - no signs of what had killed it, and it hasn't even been as cold this week as it had been. I suppose it's possible that it could have been there for a few days, though -  Monday morning was bitterly cold in the early hours - C almost decided to take the car rather than risk the motorbike on icy roads, but I was glad he left it for me. And since he'd finally admitted we needed a new battery and got one on Sunday, there were no problems starting. Even if the sunniest of the morning was over by the time I was free to go out, it was still a peaceful, relaxing space in the day.
I hate editing on the laptop, so I may have to replace these pictures once I see them on the PC, but they'll have to do for the time being...

I spent some time watching the heron on the little island in the lake, and then he flew up to a branch near me, with the cafe verandah making a great background behind him.

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  1. I loved the photo of the underside of that white rose. Lovely perspective. I loved your heron photo too.