Wednesday, 17 November 2010

O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest...

We've had such winds here that it's hard to imagine how some of these leaves are managing to cling on at all, let alone those ripe looking apples.
But I'll start with an earlier photo as my theme today is trees; this first picture was taken in late October.

Hard to tell if this is one nest or two, although I have a feeling that actually what it is is last year's nest and this year's...

There is a thrush well camouflaged in the berries who was very protective of them, and chased two magpies off several times.

I made a card today to celebrate all those bare trees and blue skies


  1. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my Blog today and letting me know about the Matchbox/book cards - really appreciate it. No wonder I had trouble finding instructions for making them!

    Love all your photos - you have a GIFT - they are really gorgeous! And I love your card that was inspired by the photos. It is Spring where I live and we are just coming out of a 10 years drought - the garden has burst into life after several months of good rainfall. We are actually excited about green grass!! One day, I hope to travel to Ireland to re-trace my ancestors' steps in County Fermanagh.

    Thanks again sweetie :-)

  2. Aaaah, such beautiful photographs from which to be inspired, my friend! Your card is beautiful!

  3. The detail on your card is beautiful. You found some wonderful inspiration. We had the wind here too that day - caused a power outage at school for about 2 hours. Gave me a chance to clean up my work station but wreaked havoc at home with all the leaves we had pushed to the street for pickup!