Monday, 6 June 2011

(Sun) Bathing Beauties

By a curious coincidence I just happened to have read in a book about blackbirds enjoying sunbathing. So when I saw one sprawled out on the shed roof last week, my initial thought was that it must have been injured because I hadn't noticed it till I saw it lying there, but my second thought was wondering if it was, in fact, sunbathing. It's not something I've ever seen before. But sure enough, after a while it got up and flew off, perfectly happy. What was funny was the robin joining it for a brief spell in the sun - and since I'd seen it come to look at the blackbird and then flop down, I knew perfectly well it wasn't injured.
After that I saw one in Farmleigh too - it looked like a rag on the ground from a distance. According to the RSPB the sun's warmth is important in helping dislodge feather parasites, and the ultraviolet light in sunlight helps turn birds' preening oil into Vitamin D which helps general good health and is an extra boost for their feathers.

The little coal tits are really quite unafraid at the moment. This picture is un-cropped - up close and personal. Makes for a very shallow depth of field - like a classic soft-focus portrait more than nature photography,  but I love the photo.

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  1. I did not know that about blackbirds. You are truly a fountain of knowledge - I learn so much from you. Up close and personal WOW! You can see those feathers that look like hairs. They must surely know that you're a friend to be so trusting.