Friday, 24 June 2011

Lakes - and birds

Yesterday was a day that threatened rain, so I put off going out, but then decided to risk it.
First picture is the lake in Farmleigh. I used to always walk counter-clockwise around it, but then one day I needed the sun behind me for a photo (to be taken ten minutes walk from the car, or maybe it was five), so I went clockwise, and I've gone clockwise almost ever since. But yesterday I bucked the habit, so my first views were from a different angle to the one I usually photograph.

Young coots, and a mallard drake. Well -I think they're both young coots. I find it confusing that they look quite like moorhen chicks, but since the second one, which looks more like a moorhen, was being fed by a coot I'm fairly sure of my ID.

Then I went to Quarry Lake in the park, hoping to find the Little Grebe again. I spent so much time watching some coots that the rain clouds had moved right in - but I still did get to see the Little Grebe and also some mallard chicks. Just two - I've hardly seen any this year, just the one bunch down on the canal and these two, none at all in Farmleigh. Little is the operative word for that grebe - and I was about 5 minutes away from the house when I realised that although I'd remembered spare batteries for both cameras this time, I'd forgotten not only the spotting scope but my mobile as well. I didn't make it back to the car before the rain.

Videos of the coot to follow tomorrow...

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  1. My, those young coots certainly look to have big feet - or maybe it's just the magnification of the water. What a peaceful place that looks to be, Sabrina. I can see why you enjoy it so much. The fourth photo is stunning. I love the crispness of it and the motion of the bird's wings gives it so much life.